My Internet is Down: Day 2

You know, at first I was really annoyed that I was stuck in the mountains of Pennsylvania without Internet access, but you know something, being cut off from technology -- not having Netflix to watch or being able to get online -- it's actually kind of fun!

Fuck that noise, I'm kidding. It's miserable.  

Let's see... what photos do I have to show you today. Ok, today's theme is "Showing the proper amount of reverence."

Here's a guy on the subway with a Pringles yarmulke.


And here's a jumbo cookie commemorating September 11th.


Never forget... how delicious our cookies are! 

One more day of this (if you trust Time Warner Cable to come and fix it when they say they will) or perhaps this blog just becomes me showing you pictures from my phone. We'll see what tomorrow brings.