Spring Cleaning

Welcome back to The Jerx.

As you'll notice, I've cleaned up all the Splooge. I mean, the posts are still there, but the design is now back to the normal Jerx site.

Some quick notes before we move forward...

I removed the Amazon and Vanishing Inc affiliate links from the side bar. I prefer the esthetic of the site without them and they weren't used often enough to merit keeping them there. As I've stated, this site is going to be around as long as people continue to support it. But the impression I get from you guys is that you'd rather do so in more pro-active, direct ways. That's cool with me. I think with a smaller audience that's probably the way it needs to be done anyway. 

You can still find the links on the Support the Site page if you're so inclined, they just won't be in the sidebar.

Regarding the Splooge post about slowing time, Marc Kerstein reminded me about this app where you take 1 second of video every day and it puts it all together into one video. 

I like that idea too, although I think pulling out your camera can sometimes be a more intrusive way to capture the highlight of your day than writing down one sentence at the end of the day. Especially if the highlight of your day was getting a blowjob from your barista or something.

I will probably end up doing both: keeping the one sentence journal and keeping the 1 second video diary. The journal capturing what's going on in my mind and the video capturing the external experience.

Also via Marc Kerstein's twitter I was turned on to Patrick Kun's youtube videos which collect his Instagram performances. They're called Unseen Magic and there are 5 up so far. Here is the most recent one.

As far as I'm concerned, this is about as perfect a representation of magic as you'll see online. Patrick is super skilled. Everything is quick and fun and visual. And it's magic for the sake of magic. It's not some bullshit "prank," it's not using magic to tell us about neuroscience, it's not some hacky interactive trick. He talks the way a normal human does to other humans as opposed to like he's trying to sell you something. The best compliment I can give is that it makes me want to get out and perform.

Hey guys, quit trying to bait me into making fun of Rick Lax. Rick got upset when I called him a "dull whitey" in this post. So I told him I wouldn't tease him anymore, and that's that.

So when people like Paul Sherman email me things like this:

Subject: How did Rick Lax do it?!


Had to pass this along:


Spooky, right?! I mean, how could he have known what planet or star I would think of, when the only limitation was that it begin with the last letter of the name of the first superhero I could think of?

Well, it took me a while, but I think I've finally cracked it, and now I'm working up my own routine with a similar method. Would love to get your feedback

Quick, think of your favorite manufacturer of gelatin-based desserts.

Now think of the last letter of that manufacturer's name. Example: Knox = X.

Are you thinking of your letter?

Now think of an American President or a Canadian Prime Minister whose last name begins with that letter. So if you're thinking of "C," you might think "Jean Chrétien."

Are you thinking of a president or prime minister?


Are you focusing?

Well I Hope you don't Change your mind, because right now you're thinking of President Barack Obama.

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... there's really nothing for me to say. Yes, Rick's trick is phenomenal. I suppose if you were a master of linguistics or a "deception expert" like Rick, you might be able to discern a pattern in the last letter of many of the most popular superhero names.  

Batman (and Robin)
Wonder Woman

Maybe there's a pattern. Is there? I don't know. Give me a minute... I'm just not seeing one. Sorry, I'm not an alphabet expert, fer chrissakes. I just don't have the time it would take to examine them that close.

And then I just think of the name of ANY planet (or star) that begins with the last letter? Such freedom!

Most people would suggest that Rick's examples give the trick away. If you're thinking of the Hulk or Thor, he notes, you'd be thinking of the letter K or R. Now just think of your favorite planet (or star) that begins with a K or R. 

Ooh... hmm... do I have to narrow it down to one? So many possibilities. How will I ever choose?

But I think it's just the opposite. And I would actually flesh out those example so people realize just how many options they have. "Perhaps you're thinking of the Hulk. And the last letter is K, so you're going through your mental catalog of stars and planets that begin with K and removing one. For example... maybe K-Pax, the home to Kevin Spacey's character in the movie of the same name."

"Or if you're thinking of Thor, your letter would be R and you might be thinking of your favorite star: RA 05:55:10.306, Dec +07:24:25.35 (2000.0)."

And the great thing is, by mentioning these common examples you make it less likely for your spectator to name them. Sweet!

Before the lifestyle blog transition, I mentioned I'd hopefully be posting a new trick on here that didn't fit in the book. As of now there's a small possibility the trick is going to be used in an upcoming tv special. So I'm waiting to hear back on that. If it is used, then I'll make a secret explanation site that will go out to the people who bought the book after the special airs. If it's not used then I will post it here in the relatively near future for everyone.