With the GLOMM, Magic Always Comes First

A lot of people are crediting the creation of The GLOMM with a precipitous fall in the number of stories of magicians diddling kids recently.

The GLOMM, as you may know, is the world's largest magic organization. Everyone with an interest in magic or mentalism is a member, unless you're a sexual predator or just a general piece of human garbage.

Surprisingly, other magic organizations don't have these requirements. If you're Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, and you want to join the IBM or the SAM, hey no-problemo! Just pay your dues. You want to expose yourself to a group of second graders on a field-trip to the petting zoo? That's fine by them. Just don't expose the glide to a non-magician. That might get you kicked out. That's where their priorities are.

With The GLOMM, there are no membership dues. Just be a dear and don't sodomize the birthday boy with a mop handle when his mom's not around, okay? Thanks. You're a gem.

If you'd like to up your membership level to elite status, you can purchase the elite membership kit here. That comes with the grey elite member shirt, membership card, and enamel pin.

The Secret Hyper-Elite Platinum Membership level shirt (the red one) is now sold out completely and will not be reprinted. (There may be a future SHEP Membership shirt for 2017, but it will be completely different.)