The Universal Conversation Interjection

If you're at a party or a gathering of some sort where you don't know anyone, it can be awkward to work your way into a conversation, especially if everyone has already splintered into little groups.

So here's what you do. Just squeeze your way into the circle of people or sit at their table. You don't need to know what they're talking about. And then say, "Ohhhh... shit!"

This exclamation seamlessly fits into any conversation.

"I just got engaged!" -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"I just got fired." -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"I'm going to Tahiti." -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"I found a duffel bag filled with cash." -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"My wife just drove my kids into the lake." -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"Did you hear what Trump said?" -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"How many guys can I blow and not be gay?" -- "Ohhhh... shit!"
"What's a four-letter word for excrement?" --  "Ohhhh... shit!"

This isn't just me talking. In 2012, The University of Delaware studied over 200 conversational interjections and "Oh, shit," was rated the highest in regards to situational appropriateness and meaning (the second highest rated interjection was, "Damn... that's fucked up"). Apparently the phrase is something of a conversational Rorshach test. People project a meaning on it that goes with whatever the nature and flow of the conversation is.

Give it a shot the next time you're feeling a little out-of-place at a social function.