The Amateur at the Kitchen Table booklet is going out of print. I don’t know if this will be forever, but I have no plans for a reprint any time soon. A couple people have suggested doing a limited, expanded, hardbound version in the future, and I may do something like that. But if so, that’s years away.

I have 30 copies of the book remaining, but they’re a little… special.

Here’s the deal. You know how there’s this subset of junk food products that are marketed as if they’re some sort of factory mishap?

You have your classic Oops! All Berries version of Cap’n Crunch.


Then you have Uh-Oh Oreos


Also in the cookie aisle you have Whoopsy! Fudge Stripe Cookies (and the disgusting hashtag, #FullyFudged)


And, of course, there’s “Sweet Christ! Terry Took A Shit In the Dough! Pop Tarts”

In keeping with this fine tradition, I will be offering the last remaining copies of The Amateur at the Kitchen Table in a special Aw Crud! The Print Shop Guy is Drunk Edition.


When printing the AATKT, the print shop jammed too many copies into a box, causing them to bend and press in on themselves creating a permanent crease or bend in some of the covers. There also seemed to be some issue with some small splotches of yellow ink appearing on the covers (like when your printer is acting up and some ink gets speckled along the page). Other than that, everything is like new. The binding is tight and the pages are fine. It’s just the covers that are a little whack.

If you order one of the remaining copies, you will receive a numbered certificate of authenticity proving you own one of the highly limited Aw Crud! The Print Shop Guy is Drunk Edition copies of The Amateur at the Kitchen Table. They will also be the only ones signed by the author, S.W. Erdnase III, the great-great-grandson of the author of The Expert at the Card Table.

If you’re interested in a copy, they are $22 and can be ordered below. [Updated: This is now sold out.]