Dustings of Woofle #1

The Poetry of Magic

The stunning beauty of magic ad copy continues to move me to my very soul.

From the ad for the trick Uncaged.

“Chewing gum is a basic prop that has been used by most magicians as a trick and will continue to be used in the present.”

Sometimes a statement is just so true that it becomes transcendent. Yes, of course, gum is one of magic’s “basic props.” Probably not as popular as cards, but a little more so than coins.

Of course, before getting into escapes, Houdini himself was known as…

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 12.02.52 AM.png

Not only is gum one of the foundational elements of magic but, as the ad says, it “will continue to be used in the present.” It’s very bold to predict the present, but it does have the ring of truth to it.

Thanks to friend-of-the-site, D.K, for turning me onto this finely written verse.

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Handmade glass Jerxy Cat sculptures found in Venice, Italy by reader, J.T. Part of a painstakingly slow process I’m working on to back up all of this blog’s contents in the medium of blown glass. (GIFS are proving especially difficult.)


A bug has been found in the Jerx app. It’s easily avoidable, but you should know it’s there. In the Drawing Switch section if you “undo” your initial drawing during performance and re-draw something, then it won’t “switch” properly when it’s supposed to. Simple solution, don’t undo your drawing during performance. I’m sure we’ll get it fixed soon. Thanks to T.W. for spotting this.

I know a lot of you come here for jerk-off fodder. Here’s a little something for your fantasy file, courtesy of reader, W.F.