The Jerx Deck and Deck Jerks

I spent much of the weekend in the initial stages of working on the Jerx Deck for 2017. 

Do you collect decks? And then people find this out about you and they go to Nebraska and they bring you back a deck with scenes of Nebraska on it and you're like, "Ah, no. I don't collect these types of decks." Or did like 8 people get you those clear plastic playing cards when they came out 10 years ago? Look, they don't know any better. They just think, "Oh, he likes decks of cards. These are decks of cards." They don't know if something has the right feel or finish. They buy you the magic-related stuff they can find at Barnes & Noble. Maybe they get you the Joshua Jay book there for Christmas. What are you going to do? Throw it in their face and explain to them that in the magic community that is considered the utmost trash? No. You accept it and say, "Thank you, grandma. Yes... yes... he is a very handsome young man."

Do me a favor. The next time your aunt brings you back a deck from her trip through Wyoming, don't be a little snot. Say, "Oh, this is fantastic. I'm going to work on a trick to show you with these." Then show her something cool a week later. She'll feel she was part of it. Make people happy.

And you can make me happy by supporting this site. Just $2.25/week—the price of a cup of coffee, or the price of hardly any cocaine—to feed this hungry orphan boy. And if you collect decks, this is the only way you will receive one of the more limited decks in magic with your paid year subscription. You see, most of these decks are printed in the 1000s, which is way, way more than I need. I can't even seem to find a place that will do runs as low as 500. And I don't even need anywhere near that many. So I'm just going to order as few as possible, and if I end up needing to order 100s more than I require to meet their minimum order, my plan is to take the decks that don't have homes and set them all on fire. I'll make a video of it for you. Your deck will be a true collector's item.