Thank You

You know, like that Dido song. 

I want to thank those of you who are already supporting the site by subscribing to the monthly magazine and those of you who are planning to in the future.

The audience for this site is tiny, and those of you who support it are a small fraction of that audience. See Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

So if you think, "Aw, it probably doesn't mean that much to him that I subscribe. That Tarbell Award Winning hotshot with all his fancy new magic friends." No! I have no new magic friends. Just you. The things I like to write about here, the things I like to think about, the things I find funny, appeal to, approximately, 3% of the people who visit this site, based on the numbers that support it. Good! That seems about right in line with the 97% of magic/magicians that I find intolerable. I didn't win that book award because the stuff I was doing here was becoming accepted or mainstream. I have a small, enthusiastic fanbase and other books had a much larger readership that was just less inclined to want to vote or care about voting for something like that. 

So thank you to that 3%. The vast majority of you I have known from the beginning of this site, and a lot of you from way back in the Magic Circle Jerk days. (And there are a good number of new people who only recently found the site too, which is awesome.) I know all of your names. And it does mean something to me that you support the site. I'm looking forward to rolling out some other benefits for subscribers over the next few months. 

For the other 97% of you? If you don't like the site, I wouldn't expect you to pay. But think about this... that Dido song?... it was recorded almost 20 years ago. Life is flying by. Stop wasting your time reading a site you don't like. And if you do like it, and $10 is too much to swing, I get it. I hope you're in a better financial situation soon. If you like it and you can afford it, but your position is, "Well... you should work on this for me for free." Go suffocate on a dog's dick. I mean that with love. The truth is, I'm not writing the site for you. I write it for the three percent.