Two Degrees of Separation

Dan Harlan sports his GLOMM elite shirt in the newest download of the Tarbell series over on Penguin. Once Dan is done with the Tarbell project he's going to do "Every Trick on the Blog" from this site as his next long-term download series. (That's a lie.)

I am now two degrees of separation from Harlan Tarbell. The GLOMM has really made inroads in just the two months that it has existed.

Hard to believe the Global League of Magicians and Mentalists is the ONLY magic organization that—as a rule—kicks out sex criminals. Apparently the IBM and SAM think it's just fine to diddle the younger generation. Look at the Code of Ethics for the IBM and SAM. Anything on there about not raping, torturing, and murdering nursing students? Nope. Well, welcome to the IBM, Richard Speck. You're in the clear. Just don't put your dove in too tight a harness.

This is also a good time to announce that while the grey Elite Member shirt will be the standard ones available going forward, the 2016 Secret Hyper-Elite Platinum Membership shirt (the red one) will not be reprinted. It will be a limited edition. As of this moment, all sizes are currently in stock, but only a few of each size, so if you want one don't dilly-dally. Get your membership kit soon.