Update 6 - The Last Day

First, a reader sent me the link to this version of triumph which somehow escaped my attention when it was released. And that's crazy because it has the greatest false shuffle ever. Go ahead and stare right at it -- you won't see it.

But it does bring up an interesting question. This only seems to be available as a download. So, in regards to the dust you blow in your spectator's eyes to temporarily blind them... is that something Ellusionist mails you separately? Or is it something that's available around the house?

Condom broke? Dealing with a pregnancy scare? Botched abortion?

Sometimes you need a trick for just the right occasion.

Have your friend remove her underwear and tell her you know a way to test if she's pregnant. It's a way of touching her that will cause the embryo (if it exists) to shift in the uterus, giving evidence of its presence. Then perform this variation on the classic Bob Farmer effect (as popularized by Michael Ammar). 

Uhm, this is probably considered not safe for work

Hey all,

So we've come down to it. This is the last day to donate in order to receive the The Jerx Volume 1 and receive the bonus items with it.

I'm a bad salesperson. A couple people have castigated me for not even mentioning this on my twitter or posting it on message boards. I admit it's a bad instinct in some ways. But it's the way I think about things and the way I interact with the universe. I'm not trying to push things too hard. I wanted to present people the opportunity to support the site and get something in return, but I didn't want to take money from anyone who needed convincing. I'm like that in relationships too. I'm not like, "Look, I'm going to be the best boyfriend, and I'll rub your shoulders, and I'll cook you dinner, and I'll be nice to your parents, and I'll be cool with your friends, and I'll play your body like a harp." Yes, all that is true, but that's not why I want you to date me. I want you to date me because we have a connection and chemistry and we're on the same wavelength. 

Similarly, the most positive thing for me in this process is that it has helped me identify people in the magic community who I have a connection with, and chemistry, and who I'm on the same wavelength as. And before having this site, there were very few people in magic I felt that way about. But now I can plot them on a map. 

So here you go, if you're compelled to donate, please do. 

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