Yesterday I walked into Tannen's magic shop in NYC, told everyone I write the Jerx, and I was immediately propositioned by half a dozen guys who wanted me to make love to their filthy bottoms. 

How? Why?

Confession time. My recent posts on misdirection have been a con job. It's all been an experiment in NLP and subliminal messages.

How did I start off yesterday's post? "This is a long one." This got you primed to be thinking about my dong.

And the whole subject itself... "misdirection."


Missed erection.

I got you all feeling like you really "missed" an "erection" in your life. I had you craving it. 

Did I just blow your mind?

Now, granted, as a heterosexual male, I probably should have picked a more target-rich environment to test out my wonderful secret seduction techniques than my overwhelmingly male audience.

I just couldn't help myself.

But I promise I'm done with that now. I swear I'm not going to say anything else to try and get you to want to act as a power bottom for me.

Say... do you think I should review Super Hole? Like, not just a cursory overview, but really go deep into Super Hole?

Ok. I'll stop now. I'm going to go outside for a walk. I love to hear the crunch of the snow on the ground below me. The sky is beautiful tonight.

(blow me. this guy is beautiful tonight.)

Guys, I'm totally Wonder-Wording your asses, Kenton Knepper style!