Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

(or is it "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"?)

My little sweeties, I miss you. Have you all been enjoying the internet since I've been away? It's really been a true delight, hasn't it? Lots of smart people rationally discussing interesting ideas in a calm fashion. 

Your update in regards to Season 2 is this: we're still in a similar place to where we were last time I wrote. The pledged support for another year of the site and for The Jerx magazine is right around 90%. 

A number of people have written to offer alternative ideas to fund another year of the site. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your suggestions, but you have to keep something in mind—there are not 1000s of supporters of this site. There are not even 100s of supporters. We're measuring supporters in the dozens. And that's a good thing, because I like to view my engagement with the people who support this site as a relationship, not a transaction. And it can only be that way with a smaller amount of people. But that small of an audience takes a lot of things off the table. Most physical products, for instance, are ridiculously expensive to get produced on a small scale, so you can't really do them.

Surely you'll come back if you're at 90-something percent, right? 

No. Here's the deal, I don't really have a negotiating gene, so when I was coming up with the number of supporters I'd need to do another year, I legitimately just put the lowest amount I could do it for. 

The good news, for people who like the site, I can almost assure you it will come back again someday. We're very close now, but this last 10% may take a matter of weeks or a few months. And if it doesn't happen after that point you'll still be getting a gift from me in your email, just for being cool enough to offer your support. 

The sign-up to join me for season 2 and get the Jerx Monthly and the Jerx deck is below somewhere.

If you have the Jerx App and you're not doing at least the memory loss effect, you're absolutely missing out. It's one of the most mind-fuckiest things you can do. Especially if you have someone record it on their phone and especially especially if you use the Light Lunch convincer. The fun part is coming up with ways to apparently affect their memory. I sometimes do a faux hypnotism bit, but it can be fun to just make up something on the spot. For example, last night I used "peer pressure" to affect the spec's memory. 

Another fun bit to do is to set it up as per the instructions, except instead of a sun and bird use a moon and a UFO. Then "erase" the UFO from her mind via a flash of a lighter or your phone's flashlight.

GLOMM elites! Below is the cover of the ebook you'll be receiving next Monday describing the card peek mentioned in this post. It's not a new technique so much as it is a choreography that I feel is the most invisible peek in a one-on-one situation (it can be used in any situation, I just mean that I feel it's most invisible to the person whose mind you're reading).

If you don't get it at that time and you're a GLOMM elite, drop me a line and let me know.

Until next time.