Gardyloo #23

Terrible news. Truly AWFUL news. And I can't help but feel responsible.

In my post on Friday, the 21st of April, I re-posted a video of Chris Slater ripping up the Expert At the Card Table. I should say that I posted it like a fool, because it had already been established via the terrifying ordeal Daniel Madison went through, that roving bands of magic tough guys were threatening to kill anyone who dare question the sanctity of EATCT.

And what should happen? Well... what do you think? That's right. Chris received a very real and very threatening message about the incident which you can see below.

And now, Chris is dead. Someone shoved a pom-pom stick down his mouth and pulled it out his asshole. And then they pulled the pom-pom coming from his asshole, and it somehow caused his mouth to close and he couldn't open it and he suffocated. 

R.I.P. Chris. It seemed to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven? You were the wind beneath my wings. Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. The leader of the pack, and now he's gone: look out, Look Out, LOOK OUT, LOOK OUT!

That seems like a needlessly complicated way to get her to vomit.

I went down a bit of a Houdini rabbit-hole earlier tonight. I was first captured by this image, that I can't remember seeing before. It's really great. 

It makes it look terrifying. Certainly more terrifying than watching a straight-jacket escape now. When did straight jackets get so big and blousy? They look like someone getting out of a small tent rather than a torture device.

Plus I like the dude peeking in the cell. I think he might be jerking off and we've caught him at the moment of orgasm.

Also, "The Murderous Insane" is a rad name for a band.

How Not To Pretend You Can't See Thru Your Blindfold

"Let me just expend zero thought or effort picking up these packets you set on the table."

Even his friend gives the camera a look and a smile like, "Look at this knucklehead."