Now look, I don't know if this video suggests a lack of originality or if these people all thought they were just doing their version of a classic pose. I actually don't care about that either way.

What is funny/interesting/telling to me about this is that the subtext of one of the most common poses in modern magic is that the magician got caught -- the one thing a magician can't do -- and he's silently pleading with the person not to say anything about it.  "I'm terrible at this... please don't tell!" And this is the image they've chosen to represent their work. They thought it was a good idea. This is definitely a magic-only phenomenon. You don't see ads for housekeepers where it's a woman on her hands and knees smearing shit into a shag carpet, looking back and shushing you. Or a doctor with a woman on his table bleeding out after a botched abortion, coyly peeking over his shoulder, "Shhhh..."