Scheduling Note

Tomorrow's post will be my final full post for this week, then I will be taking my Autumn break from the site and will return on October 6th. 

The JAMM #9 also comes out on the 6th. And then I'll work on that Quinta pdf I mentioned last week which will go up soon after that. As well as the results of the force testing we're doing this weekend. And there's going to be a new little effect added to the Jerx app soon. So that's some of the stuff coming up.

And, apropos of nothing other than the fact that I'm listening to this at the moment and blissing out on it, here's a track from my favorite album of last year, In Excelsis Stereo by Gloria. They're a french band (that sings in English) fronted by three female lead singers, heavily influenced by late 60s garage and psychedelia. This song is called Beam Me Up. The live version is below, here's the studio version.'s a stone groove! (Be grateful I'm just a music fanatic and don't have the knowledge or vocabulary to critique it beyond saying things like, "It's a stone groove," or this site would have morphed into a music blog a long time ago.)