Mad Man

I've been having a lot of fun performing this trick. I was going to write it up like I have others, but I realized what I liked most about the trick was the presentation which just gives you an excuse to ramble on like a dipshit. And I knew I probably wouldn't be able to convey the tone of the patter through writing alone. I don't really have a set patter for it anyway, I just go on and on like a dope and stretch a 30 second trick to five and a half minutes (admittedly I was dicking around a little more than usual for your sake). So below you will find a pseudo performance done for a picture of a squirrel. 

The inspiration for this trick is Ad Space by David Regal. The effect is pretty much the same, but I use different sleights. My presentation was indirectly inspired by the Twilight Zone episode, Time Enough At Last.

You can probably figure out your own sleights to make this work. What I do is:

  • A one hand bottom deal to force the card without showing its back
  • A deck switch when I get the marker
  • A multiple turnover