Tomorrow's post will be up in the afternoon. It's an interesting book test variation that I think you might like (or at least there might be some ideas in it that you find valuable).

Next week is spring break here at the Jerx. No new posts during that time. I'll be at Lake Havasu ripping beer bongs with my boys in Beta Theta Pi.

On April 17th, the first issue of what I think I'm still calling X-Communication comes out for all Season 3 supporters. It's essentially a product review newsletter but because it's a quarterly publication it doesn't make sense to try to limit myself to the newest products. So there's going to be a mixture of new stuff, old stuff, and individual effects I've plucked from books and videos. This first issue has a much more narrative feel than you might expect. I'm not sure if that's the direction I'm going to go in with future issues or if it's just the way this one turned out. We'll see. In the coming issue I'll be writing about a really strong but overlooked live lecture from last year, one of my favorite marked decks, some words of wisdom I received during one of our focus groups about a mentalism tool everyone seems to be using that perhaps they shouldn't be, a new utility prop I really like from a company you've never heard of, and a look at some variations on a relatively new plot in magic (I'll direct you to my favorite version on a forgotten DVD from a few years ago), plus a bunch of reviews and jokes about my genitals or someone else's genitals.

Later, dudes.