My Internet is Down: Day 1

Hey kids. I'm in a somewhat remote location and the internet here is down and won't be fixed until 2 pm Thursday. So I have to do everything on my phone until then and I hate typing on my phone. That means short posts for the next few days. And I probably won't be answering emails much either.  

I had a gigantic post scheduled for today but it will have to wait until Friday. It's a good one, check back for it. 

Soooo... I can't type and I can't upload video so don't expect anything good until Friday. I know... since I'm stuck on my phone, I'll choose a photo of the day from my photo gallery. 

Hmmm... I don't have anything magic related... Oh here's a good picture. My friend, Pat, was traveling through Ohio, the birthplace of Wendy's, which is something they hilariously say with pride. He stopped at one of their restaurants and saw a painting of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas. Dave was sitting at a table writing in his notebook and surrounded by a number of Wendy's employees worshiping their guru. My friend thought this was a really funny painting (because it is). I tried to find a print for him for Christmas but unsurprisingly this isn't a hot commodity. So instead I took the photograph he took of the painting and had it woven into a blanket.


Barring an unexpected revival of the internet connection here, it will be this type of nonsense for the next couple of days, so you may want who wait until Friday to check back.