Sundry Drive No. 13

When I was a child, I had a dream effect I wanted to perform. I wanted to show someone a series of 6 meaningless symbols. Then I wanted to ask them to name a number between one and six. Then I wanted to show them that I wasn't talking about the position of the symbols, but an arbitrary number they were assigned on the back. Then I wanted to blow their minds out their shitholes buy explaining to them that I had kinda sorta predicted which symbol they'd unwittingly choose via their number choice, in the sense that I knew what other shapes would make up that symbol. What could be a more beautiful example of magic than that?

Ladies and gentleman, I give you, Easy Symbol Prediction.

Have you ever seen foil wrapped chocolate quarters that are the size of actual quarters? I have an idea for a way I'd like to use them, but the ones I've seen are all bigger than actual quarters. Is it even possible to make them that small with that level of detail? I'm guessing you probably can't get them that thin, but if I could get them that small, that would work.

I realize the likelihood of this site being read by a master chocolatier is small, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Dear At The Table,

I'm willing to forgive a lot of your faults because your lectures are like $5, which is a steal. But you are now officially 0-120 with the Skype calls. The questions are terrible, the need to see the questioner is non-existent, it puts the brakes on any momentum you've established, and you don't seem to have mastered the technology in the first place. I'm not sure what magic lectures you've attended, but I haven't been to one where I was like, "Ooohh... I hope we get to really know the people who have questions to ask!" If anything my only thoughts towards questioners are, "Oh, christ. Shut the fuck up, dummy." So, in that sense, it really does feel like a real lecture when I watch the At the Table series.

I get it, you're trying to differentiate yourself from the Penguin lectures. That makes sense. But if you own a restaurant you don't put a shit-sandwich on the menu just because the place next door doesn't offer one. 

Instead, why don't you emphasize the genuinely good things you have to offer? Like the time Bobby Motta and Greg Wilson rhapsodized about their mutual love of titty-fucking.