Nurtured All Year Then Pressed in a Book

So a bunch of boxes with what appeared to be plain black books showed up recently.

But in the right light you see there's something more.

It's pretty exciting to finally see this thing in reality. A book. A real book, that I wrote. Me. An author. A magic book author! I'm going to be famous! Everyone will know my name! Shit! My name doesn't appear in the goddamn book! What a waste.

By the way, if you've paid in full for the book you should have received an email from me linking you to a pre-shipment questionnaire to get some information I need before sending off the book. If you didn't get that email, let me know. 

I've been waiting for months now to try out one of the tricks that uses the book itself as a prop. I finally got to perform that last night and it went even better than I had hoped. At the conclusion of the effect my friend put down the book and said, "That just seriously gave me the chills." If nothing else it was worth publishing this book just so I can perform that trick.

This weekend, I also performed another trick from the book. The trick is called Dream Weavers. This is one of those effects that is either "just" a really strong trick or it's a miracle and this time it was in the miracle class. It's a transposition that happens in "test conditions" overnight. But the coolest part is this, the presentation is layered with these things called "dream incubation suggestions" which can affect people's dreams. (This sounds like some witchcraft bullshit, but I did a ton of research on ways to affect dreams, and most of what this trick is based on is the work of Deirdre Barrett at Harvard Medical School.) Anyway, the presentation has visual, tactile, and psychological incubation suggestions built into it and you can genuinely get the person to "meet up with you" in a dream to carry out the middle part of the trick. That may sound grandiose and it admittedly is not surefire, but it doesn't matter. The trick is foolproof and fail-proof. Even if they don't dream of meeting up with you, the trick is still a wildly strong.

I'm looking forward to you guys finally getting your hands on the book.