Upcoming Schedule

1. There will be new posts here Thursday and Friday of this week and then I am off next week for Spring Break.

2. For Season 4 supporters, expect the first issue of the review newsletter to hit your email boxes at the end of next week (around the 20th/21st).

3. If you have the Jerx app, an updated version of that will be released in the next couple of weeks as well. I think you can get that at Walgreens. But let me double check with Marc Kerstein on that…

Okay, my bad. It will just be on your phone like every other app update.

This version has an updated design and a couple tweaks to the functionality as well. Check out the Instructions page in the app for those details once the update arrives.

4. If you ordered the AATKT edition offered last Friday, it will be sent in a couple days. It took a little while for my lawyer to get the right legalese for the certificate of authenticity.