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For the first six months of this site, I wrote it as essentially an unpaid part-time job. I had taken some time off of work and this was going to be a short-term project during that leave. But as the months passed, I ended up with more and more topics to write about and things to say. For that reason I decided to keep the site going.

Going forward I will be writing this site in my free time which should translate into a couple posts a week. If you would like more content, then I'm happy to work on this site in my non-free time as well. You can have a direct effect on the amount of time I can afford to work on this site by supporting the site via any of the methods below.

I'm offering a bunch of different ways not because I'm expecting people to select every single one. I just want to give people the opportunity to contribute in a way that works for them.

Ways To Contribute

"I'm a poor little orphan boy."

That's okay, little fella. I don't want anyone to contribute a cent to this site if they can't spare it. These options are more for people who are in a position to contribute and are interested in more content here or looking for ways to express their appreciation for the site. You don't need to do anything if you're not in that position. If you know someone who might like the site, let them know about it, but otherwise there's nothing else for you to do. Just enjoy it.

"I love the site, but I'm not in love with the site."

Okay, I hear you. Here's a way to support the site that doesn't cost you anything (assuming you live in the US and shop on Amazon). Before you do any shopping on Amazon, click the banner below or follow this link. (Bookmark the link so you don't have to come back here each time you want to go to Amazon.)

This won't cost you anything and a small commission will come to the site. While it may not amount to much individually, if everyone who read the site did it, it would be enough to warrant a few more posts a month. Especially if someone decides to buy....oh.... I don't know.... like this poster or something (free shipping on that one, guys). 

"But where should I buy all my sponge production items?"

If you're buying magic, I would recommend you shop through Vanishing Inc. They're one of my go-to online shops and they give a little back to this site when you shop there via the link below. 

"Oh, I've got a little scratch I can donate to the site."

Cool, consider contributing via a monthly donation. Everyone who has an active subscription donation will receive "X-Communication" a monthly e-mail newsletter of product reviews, tips and ideas. (Those who contributed during the initial donation period in October, you're already signed up for this. No need to do so again unless you got money burning a hole in your pocket.)

"Can I advertise on the site?"

No, not really. But you can sponsor a Friend of The Jerx post and I'll write about any subject you want, which could include your product or service. From your perspective, this won't be as good as an ad because you won't really have any input in regards to what I say. And I won't pimp your shit if it looks weak. 

But here's the thing. You can post an ad somewhere that the majority of people on that site will ignore. Or you can sponsor a post here that essentially everyone who visits here will read. That's why they're here: to read what I'm writing about. So if you think, "Hey, I've got a quality product. I'm not worried about what he has to say. I know if I get more eyeballs on it that can only be good for me," -- if that's the case -- then this is much better for you than an ad somewhere. Email me if you're interested.

"I recognize your genius and I want to own every last drop of brilliance that falls out of that beautiful brain."

Well, if you haven't done so already, you should buy the book. Not only will it collect the best of the first year of this blog, it will also contain approximately a dozen routines that don't come from this site, including some of my most practical ideas that I use all the time. 

"I want to hire you."

Yeah, absolutely. Send me an email with the details of your project. But to be clear, writing and consulting on projects is what I do for a living. I'm not hugely expensive, but I'm not dirt cheap either. For larger projects we would go through a small consulting company I work with. For smaller projects of just a few hours or a day, we could set something up over paypal.

"Hello, my name is Rich Uncle Millionaire. I just want to give you money and I don't need anything in return."

Well, look at you. Ok, hotshot, here you go...

(All financial transactions are handled on my behalf by AC Costello and Patrick Hughes.)