The Jerx Amateur Magic Monthly

Next Issue - #12, January, 6th 2018

The JAMM is a monthly 20+-page pdf magazine for the people who support this site. It contains tricks, reviews, and theory that is primarily geared towards those of us who perform in casual, non-professional situations (or those who want to bring elements of that style to their professional work). It will be like your favorite parts of traditional magic magazines, except the reviews won't ever mention "reset time," there won't be any crusty old letters between Thurston and some other dull fossil, and I probably use the phrase "hunk of shit" to describe an effect I don't like more than your typical magic mag. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.16.31 AM.png

My design inspiration for the cover is an old exploitation mag called "Secrets." Why? Well... because I like it. And it's a magic magazine and that magazine is called "Secrets." It makes sense, dude.

With your paid year subscription you will also receive the 2017 Jerx Deck when it's available later in the year. This deck will not be sold in any other way. [UPDATE - 11/28/17: This bonus offer for the 2017 Jerx Deck is now over.] 

There are two payment options below. The first is to pay for Volume 1 (12 issues - Feb 17 thru Jan 18) in a lump sum. And second option is to purchase the current month or back issues individually for $15 a piece.

The more support the site gets, the more time I can devote to it and the cooler stuff we can do here. If you enjoy this site, I hope you'll subscribe to the JAMM.

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